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1 Feb, 2019

Ice Is the Enemy, but You Can Fight Back- Penguins Pave the Way

Walking on ice can be difficult, but who knew there was a full proof way to do so without injury. A fall from slipping on ice could change your life. Luckily, we can prevent these falls from happening. If a fall still occurs, there is a proper way to fall to prevent injury. Slips and

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6 Nov, 2018

MELT away pain with the MELT METHOD

Melt benefits Breakthrough self-treatment system founded by Sue Hitzmann Eliminates chronic pain, naturally Erases signs of aging Improves body sense, core strength and stability Feel fantastic in just 10 minutes a day! Workshops offered at HealthQuest Oxford, contact them to attend What is the MELT Method? The MELT Method® (MELT®) is a simple self-treatment designed to help

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20 Oct, 2018

How to Put the Spring Back in Your Step

Whether you’re suffering from an injury or you have tired, achy muscles, a physical therapist can create an individualized program to help you feel better and have more energy so you can enjoy your daily activities. Call HealthQuest Physical Therapy for information to see how physical therapy can help you achieve better overall health and

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16 Oct, 2018

Don’t Mask the Symptoms: Treat the Root Issue with Physical Therapy

Looking for a Drug-Free Pain Solution? Look Into Physical Therapy Pain can be a helpful messenger.  Pain is a sign that something in your body needs attention, but it can also effect the your quality of your life. To make matters worse, many pain problems are rooted in  underlying conditions, often originating in a different

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26 Aug, 2018

Four Ways Physical Therapy can Be Beneficial to Your Life

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy can benefit you in so many ways. Here are just four of the extraordinary ways It could improve your life. ·Therapists Create Individualized Treatment Plans· One of the most common thing people do is go to the internet to figure out how to treat a pain area. What you see on the internet

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20 Aug, 2018

Tension Headaches: How to Handle Them


Of the four distinct types of headaches — tension, migraine, sinus and cluster — the tension type is the most common. Of course, stress is a natural reaction to stimuli and can keep us safe from danger. Yet an excessive amount of stress can lead to tension headaches. That’s why learning how to handle emotional

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19 Jul, 2018

The Benefits of Stretching-Just Do It


·Improved Flexibility and Posture· Enhancing both your posture and your flexibility through stretching your muscles and joints are key to avoiding many conditions resulting in pain. Range of motion is greatly improved when stretching regularly. By stretching, you can correct any joint stiffness you currently have as you’re extending your limbs as far as they

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7 Jun, 2018

Still hurting? Your Diet Could Be Why  


As Hippocrates believed, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This pertains to more than just your diet.  That being said, what you eat could potentially make your aches and pains worse. There are different foods that can cause inflammation and eventually result in pain. Taking up a healthier diet can help you feel better, without constant aches and

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3 Jun, 2018

Are Your Feet Killing Your Back?


For many people, simply standing or walking for more than 20 minutes, means an aching back. This can be due to a whole host of factors, but believe it or not, your feet and ankles can be a culprit.   When you walk the hips, knees, ankles and feet rotate in opposite directions to act

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21 Apr, 2018

5 Simple Ways to Beat Knee Pain While Exercising

We all know that exercising is good for our bodies, but often people stop due to knee or lower leg pain. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but usually ones that we are not aware of. Over 50 million Americans deal with some sort of knee trouble, as the knees are the second

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