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22 Mar, 2018

Post Physical Therapy: What’s Next?

If you are currently recovering from an injury and have already completed your physical therapy, you might be left wondering what the next step is. After a serious or reoccurring injury, an effective fitness program will help maintain any progress in range of motion, strength, and stability that was gained during physical therapy. Post-physical therapy

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2 Mar, 2018

The 5 Natural Ways to Relieve Sciatica


Have you ever experienced aching pain in the back / buttock area that radiates down your leg? You may have sciatica. Sciatica is a common condition that affects up to 1 out of 10 people, typically between ages 25-45. Symptoms Sciatica is typically felt as a dull aching pain to the low back / buttock

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1 Mar, 2018

How to Get Rid of Pounding Headaches for Good


You know the feeling of your eyes starting to hurt, forehead starting to pound and even your neck feeling like a big ball of tension? A headache is coming on again and it’s time to reach for the Advil, Tylenol or other type of pain pill to numb it. Why does this keep happening? The

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27 Feb, 2018

How to Improve Your Posture


In this world of looking beautiful, posture plays a big role in how we look at people. Think about the last time you saw your posture in the mirror and how you immediately corrected yourself to look taller, slimmer and fitter. We fight the good fight against gravity 24 hours a day and it is

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20 Feb, 2018

How Do You Know if You Have a Herniated Disc?


Do you have sharp pain in a particular part of your arm or leg? It may be a herniated disc. However, it could be another problem. Herniated or bulging discs are often blamed for radiating pains, numbness and tingling in the extremities, but they are often not the culprits. Herniated discs are caused by the

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10 Jan, 2018

Is Your Balance Setting You Up For An Injury?


Balance gives us the ability to do many things.  Our balance and vestibular system develops from infant all the way through adulthood and then begins to decline. Most people don’t know their balance is not optimum until they suffer a sports injury, trip/fall, or lose their balance in the shower. No matter what your age,

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2 Jan, 2018

5 Ways to Avoid Joint Pain

Do you find your joints aching for no apparent reason? Or maybe you notice that this bitter cold makes your knuckles ache.  Even small aches and pains are your body’s way of telling you something is not working and should not be ignored. According to a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study, 30% of the

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6 Dec, 2017

Are Your Hips Killing Your Back?


Are you like many people, with an aching back at the end of the day or worried about lifting an object due to your back going out? You are not alone, over 80% of the population will suffer back pain at one time or another in their life according to CDC data. It is the

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27 Oct, 2017

Why pay cash for physical therapy?

Every year more and more of our patients are paying cash out of their own pockets for our physical therapy services. Like most health care providers, we bill insurance companies as a service of convenience for our patients. Patients may opt for cash-based physical therapy programs for many reasons. Deductibles have climbed to $5000 or

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1 Oct, 2017

How Physical Therapy Can Benefit Cancer Patients

Let’s face it…when your doctor says the “c word,” it changes your life.  It’s important to remember that you have support and whatever your struggle is, there is often someone there to help you.  Physical Therapy is noninvasive, natural, and requires no drugs but you can get results and make yourself more comfortable in a

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