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Check-Up/Re-Check Appointment Request

You’re part of the HealthQuest family and our doors are always open! We offer a variety of free appointment types! If your pain or discomfort has returned, schedule a re-check or maybe you are experiencing a new ache or pain, schedule a free pain assessment! Maybe you want to be proactive and schedule an annual check-up…whatever you need, we have you covered!  

What is a check-up?

As we all know, regular check-ups with our physician and dentist are extremely important if we want to be as healthy as possible. However, most people overlook another type of check-up that is also extremely important… a Physical Therapy Check-Up. We recommend, at the very least, coming to see your physical therapist annually to:

  • Decrease your risk of injury,
  • Improve your overall health,
  • Live an active life,
  • Decrease daily aches and pains, and
  • Just feel good as you go through your daily routine.


Physical Therapists are specifically trained to examine and treat the musculoskeletal system, our “movement system”, without drugs or surgery. Our musculoskeletal system is made up of muscles, bones, joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and the nerves that go to them – this is how we move and how we function.

A PT ‘checkup’ will help you learn how to keep these essential parts of your body working together to support and move your body. Whether you’re an elite athlete, a couch potato, or just getting started with an exercise program, this check-up will help you understand how you move, and what problems may cause pain or lead to an injury. Based on the results of your check-up, your PT can teach you a program to help you move better and decrease your chance of an expensive or life-changing injury.


During your Check-up at HealthQuest Physical Therapy, your physical therapist will review your medical history and perform a series of tests to check your strength and your ability to coordinate and move your body, from head to toe.

Your strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and overall function will be tracked from year to year. Just like your physician, your physical therapist will pay special attention to any problems or concerns you are having. Often, patients have small complaints which can be easily solved with a bit of advice and home exercises recommended by your physical therapist at the check-up!

With the help of your physical therapist, you can move better, feel better, save money, and prevent injuries!