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Physical therapy services at this location are solely for Anthology residents only.


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Assisted living communities are designed for those individuals who can still function, but needs a bit of extra care undertaking their daily activities. These communities offer additional assistance, socialization, and peace of mind to those who need it. Many assisted living communities offer more health and wellness opportunities for their residents. Physical Therapy services are just one of these health amenities that residents can benefit from.  HealthQuest Physical Therapy is the proud provider of the physical therapy services at Anthology in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Why Physical Therapy at Assisted Living

There are many benefits that an assisted living resident can gain because of physical therapy. Some of those include:

  • Pain/discomfort relief
  • Restoration of physical functions such as flexibility, strength, balance and coordination
  • Assistance to help make daily tasks and activities easier
  • Help with balance & decreased strength
  • Increase or maintain muscle tone and endurance
  • Lessen the risk of falling
  • Adapt to Assisted Living lifestyle (transition)

A physical therapist is excellent at dealing with the issues of the residents at Anthology.  Whether the resident’s program is preventative or restorative, therapy programs are built around the individual and completely customized.  Seniors who work with physical therapists not only can decrease the risk of falling and build their endurance to complete tasks with more independence, they can gain self-esteem and even recover from hospital stays more quickly. If you think that your senior loved one would benefit from therapy services, talk to your coordinator about it!

Therapy Promotes Wellness for Residents

Therapy isn’t just for the sick and seriously debilitated. Therapy is good for the wellness of all the residents and employees are is great for pain/discomfort relief!  It’s estimated that of the nearly 1 million current residents of assisted living communities across the country, 81% require some sort of therapy to complete at least one task. When the majority of the residents require therapy for just one task, it’s the job of the physical therapist to offer a solution for better wellness across all the residents.

Typically, Anthology will work with your loved one’s doctor to get a prescription for the therapy service; then, services will begin within just a few days. The therapy services are customized to best meet the resident’s needs with specific goals set after an initial evaluation.  Most therapy services are short-term, with specific goals set after an initial assessment. However, restorative programs can be ongoing and just as important as other therapy work.  For more information about outpatient therapy at the Anthology community, call or email our team!

HealthQuest Physical Therapy proudly provides many local senior living communities with convenient, on-site therapy services to support independence, safety and quality of life for their residents.  HealthQuest Physical Therapy is your trusted, outpatient physical therapy provider in Southeast Michigan since 1999. Physical therapy services at this location are solely for Anthology residents and employees only.  However, if you are interested in physical therapy services from HealthQuest Physical Therapy and are not living at Anthology, please schedule at one our of our 25+ other convenient locations where outpatient physical therapy is provided.

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