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About Physical Therapy at HealthQuest in Clawson, Michigan

We are conveniently located on Maple Road (in between Crooks and Livernois/Main Street) in Clawson on the border of Troy, Michigan.  Just minutes away from Royal Oak, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Warren, or Madison Heights, this location is close by home, work or play! We offer a parking lot and entrance on the south side of our building for ease.  This location features a renovated facility (2017), originally opened in 2007.

Specialty treatments

As our patient in Clawson, you will benefit from the fact that we employ a combination of conventional orthopedic and functional neuromuscular medical tools, advanced technology, and methods to arrive at the best conservative, regenerative treatment for relieving pain and promoting healing as well as preventing future problems.  Our therapists are skilled and versed in many different types of specialty treatments, some include:

We can help you get out of pain!

We specialize and treat many conditions that include pain. Some areas we can help are:

What you can expect as our patient...

We want our patients to enjoy therapy and experience clear improvements in their health. Our team is hand-picked by the Directors and each member is highly skilled and trained.  We can help a variety of patients and conditions, from local high school athletes to everyday people seeking recovery and treatment for back pain or joint injuries. 

We understand that you have many places to choose from when it comes to therapy.  However, HealthQuest Physical Therapy Clawson is the leading choice for individualized, outpatient physical therapy in Southeast Michigan. We are known for our life-changing results and proud to assist the Clawson community.  We are committed to providing every patient with an exceptional experience that promotes healing and recovery in a safe, compassionate environment.  Our goal is your goal, to enjoy life pain-free.

Timeline to recovery


You'll undergo a physical exam and evaluation, including a health history and certain testing procedures, including evaluation of posture, movement and flexibility, and of your muscle and joint motion and performance


Based on your evaluation findings, your thereapist will know your clinical diagnosis and prognosis, and develope a plan of care and short and long term goals to share with you and your physician.


Every visit you'll receive physical therapy treatment and intervention(s) based on the therapist's evaluation and diagnosis. Along with your therapist time, you'll be working with our exercise technicans to complete your personalized set of exercises and stretches.


After you're out of pain and able to achieve your physical goals, you'll receive a self-management routine with recommendations and a home exercise program to ensure you continue to progress and so your symptoms do not return.

The mission at HealthQuest Physical Therapy Troy is to optimize the functional status and lifestyles of the members within the Clawson community.  Our Board Certified Orthopedic Specialists are available today, call or request a Free Assessment and see how we can help you live pain-free.

Our Unique Approach

Our patients enjoy a more focused atmosphere where each patient gets the attention and instruction they need to make rapid and sustainable positive change. Find out how we can help you today!


901 West Maple Road
Clawson, MI 48017

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Mon-Fri: 6:00 am – 8:00 pm
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Physical Therapists & PTAs - Clawson / Troy, MI

Meet The Team

Our Clawson/Troy physical therapists are both compassionate and caring, ambitious toward helping our patients reach their highest level of performance with the least possible amount of discomfort. Our dedicated team consists of leading experts in the physical therapy Clawson/Troy area, any of whom would be happy to work with you on whatever you may be struggling with. They will work hard, not only to get to the root of your problems and provide quality treatment for the pain you are currently experiencing, but they will also use their abilities to provide you with injury prevention services for the future.

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