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Cierra Koslowski, PT, DPT

2008 Bachelor of Science, Oakland University
2012 Doctor of Physical Therapy, Wayne State University

Areas of Interest/Specialties:
General Orthopedics
Neuro-Muscular Rehabilitation and body mechanics
Sports injuries and Sport specific training
Pediatric physical therapy

Licensed PT State of Michigan
APTA Member

Like many physical therapists, my interest in the profession began when I was a young athlete. I had a few serious injuries including a cervical strain in basketball and a shoulder injury in volleyball. After months of rehabilitation to return to sport, I got to know a young physical therapist who I looked up to so much. I owe so much to her, not only for helping me get back to playing, but for teaching me about physical therapy and what it means go build a relationship with a patient, earn their trust and also for helping me figure out what I wanted to do when I “grew up.” From there I became fascinated with learning about human anatomy even just in high school biology. My decision had been made.

I moved from my small hometown on the west side of Michigan to the metro Detroit area, graduated from Oakland University with my bachelors and from Wayne State University with my doctorate in PT. I most of all love providing very personal, hands on care and getting to know my patients and how to make them feel comfortable. This is easy at HealthQuest as our motto is “helping people live life well.” I enjoy the overall mission and warm atmosphere the staff and the therapists provide. There are many patients who state they always go there when they are having a problem. Personally, the best compliment I can ever receive is for my patients to return to me. That’s when I know I did well and the patients believe in the value of physical therapy.