Jamie Mouton, PTA


1999 Bachelors of Arts Michigan State University
2015 Associates in PTA Baker College of Auburn Hills

APTA Member
Licensed PTA State of Michigan

Areas of Interest/Passions:
Spine and Extremity Care
Post-Surgical Care
General Orthopedics
Strength and Conditioning
Community Education

I was one of the non-traditional students in my PTA class, in that I was making a drastic career change to have more fulfillment and passion in my professional life. After I graduated from Michigan State University with an BA in Business/Pre-Law Degree I found myself in Advertising and Media sector of business. I worked several years on the Agency side of advertising, working for the BIG 3 at one point or another throughout this time. Though I was very successful in this area, I did not find any passion for it, nor satisfaction. I then went to the publisher side, selling media to the BIG 3 through The Weather Channel Online properties. I truly loved my time here, but again felt like I wasn’t in my true calling. After some self-discovery, through reading, discussion, and investigation, it became apparent that Physical Therapy would fulfill the desires I had professionally and tap into my strengths. Boy, was I right!

My greatest influence to pursue PT was my wife, a MPT at Beaumont. She had keen insight to my options in this field plus had a good idea of where I would best be utilized. It was important to my family of 4, with two boys, that I be happy in my career and have the flexibility to spend more time with them.

I plan to continue my growth within the field of physical therapy by attending as many continuing education courses as time permits, and to eventually become a DPT someday.