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​Ryan Bugni, PTA

2015, Associates of Applied Science in Physical Therapy, Baker College

Advanced Training/Certifications:
Complete Rehabilitation for the Throwing Athlete

Areas of Interest:
Strength and Conditioning

Licensed PTA State of Michigan

I had gone through Physical Therapy myself a handful of times when I was younger from sports injuries, and while I also thought it was interesting, it didn’t really hit me until later on. The reason I found my way into the health field as a whole, was that I suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage from a fall accident, and was in the ICU for nearly 3 weeks. Due to the amazing care of the staff, I finally realized I wanted to help people the way they helped me. After researching what field, in particular, would help me be around patients and truly help them – is when I decided on the PT field.

Without the help and guidance of my parents growing up, I wouldn’t be where I am today. No matter what my brother and I got into, they were there for us and taught us how to keep moving forward, especially after my accident. My parents live in Warren and are coming up on their 40th wedding anniversary (married since 1979). My brother also lives in Warren with his wife Schala and daughter Alida. I currently don’t have any children, but two amazing dogs, and I live with my girlfriend Jessica (since 2016) in White Lake.

I was lucky to have amazing classmates during my time at Baker College, one of whom is a current HQ employee. Aaron kept telling me how great HQ was for months, and the opportunities he had there that nowhere else did. I finally gave in and was excited about the future with HQ but to have a chance to work alongside him. I have never been so excited and prepared for the future as I am now, and hope to become a great asset to Healthquest.


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