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brad hughes health quest pt

Brad Hughes , PT, DPT, CSCS

2015, Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, Michigan State University
2019, Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Central Michigan University

Areas of Interest:
Sports therapy
Functional mobility & stability training
Foot & ankle assessment
Strength & conditioning


My love for physical therapy comes from my own journey through injury. At 14 years old I dislocated my hip and at 17 I dislocated my elbow. Each time I went through therapy I grew to love the experience and my physical therapist, and got to see how it could impact the lives of others. I decided I wanted to be able to do the same for others and started the long road to where I am today. I have competed in many different sports and tried multiple different training styles that have helped progress my knowledge in health and wellness. I am excited to build an eclectic set of healthcare skills so that I am able to provide my patients with the best possible care. 

That mindset lead me toward physical therapy as a career path, and along the way, I ended up on the doorstep of HealthQuest PT. I was lucky enough to work as a fitness instructor at the Rochester Central HQPT location during my year off before leaving for CMU. I was welcomed as part of the family and got to see a facility that exemplified the same ideals I had myself. It is that reason that I decided to continue my journey at HQPT as I become the greatest PT I can for my current and future patients.

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