Posture up for Prevention!

August 18th, 2017

Technology has developed incredible ways to make things quick, convenient, and comfortable.  Comfort at home, comfort in the car, and comfort at work.  Most of which involves sitting.  Sitting is one of the biggest factors that creates postural problems.  When you think about the things we work on, they are pretty much right in front

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7 Tips for Relieving Pain From Herniated Discs

August 16th, 2017

Do you experience achy or sharp radiating pain to your shoulder, arm, buttock or leg? This may be an indicator of a bulging or herniated disc in the neck or back. Between each of the vertebrae that make up your spine are small cushions called discs.   Herniated discs are more common in the 30-50

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Preventing and Treating Sports Injuries

physical therapy sports injury stretching
July 17th, 2017

Physical therapy excels in both treating and preventing sports injuries. While we might more commonly think about injury prevention in relation to elite athletes it is equally important in recreational athletes and even those who work out weekly. Our bodies are interconnected, this means that weakness or dysfunction in one region can create problems in

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Six Easy Steps to Less Pain and More Energy

June 7th, 2017

Do you sometimes feel sluggish, tired, achy, sore, or have low energy? Those could be signs that a daily routine of sitting for long hours in your car, at your desk, or at home watching TV is starting to wear your body down. Your body is meant to move, so the unnatural act of sitting

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Why Physical Therapy should be on your Annual Check-up List

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June 2nd, 2017

Many people go to their doctor once a year for a physical. However, this physical by your primary care physician is not specifically catered to your musculoskeletal system. That’s why you need an annual physical therapy check-up. Your body is constantly changing and adapting and as a result, aberrant movements and compensatory patterns surface that

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How to walk better

May 12th, 2017

You may be asking, “isn’t there just one way to walk?”  Not much to think about.  But on the contrary, it’s important HOW you walk for hip, knee, back, and leg pain.  Walking is often the best medicine. Learning to walk properly is a big part of the rehabilitation of knee and hip pain. Here are

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5 Ways to Relieve Neck and Back Pain

Back Stretch
May 12th, 2017

Back and neck pain can stop you in your tracks, affecting your work and interfering with your recreational activities. It takes the fun right out of your day. How to Reduce Neck and Back Pain Your pain might be from a previous injury, arthritis, bad posture or another cause. However, there are things that you can

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Increasing Core Strength to Relieve Pain

Plank position
May 12th, 2017

Core strength has become a popular topic because it affects the function of the entire body. A strong core means better stability, fewer injuries and less physical stress. Weak core muscles can lead to chronic back and neck pain. Signs of weak core muscles include slumping in your chair, poor posture at your desk or

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How to Be Healthier, Stronger and More Active

Healthy food
May 12th, 2017

When you get right down to it, health doesn’t have anything to do with looking like a supermodel; it’s really about having a body whose every system is in good working order. The great news is that you have more control over everything happening in your body — from your circulation to your breathing and stress

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Squat Form Check

May 11th, 2017

The Squat is a full body compound exercise and works the whole body.  Often our patients will learn proper squat form during their physical therapy treatment. Squat Form 101 Your build determines how proper Squat form looks like for you. The wider your shoulders are, the wider your grip should be and you should not have

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