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george carson PT HealthQuest Physical Therapy Clarkston

George Carson

August 5th, 2016

I have a strong clinical background in Orthopedic rehabilitation. I utilize a manual therapy approach, to promote normal function, to help the individual or athlete return to their activities of daily living or sport. I am very excited about joining HealthQuest PT and look forward to many more years of treating patients and growing with the company.

Steve Lukens PT HealthQuest Physical Therapy Clarkston

Steve Lukens

August 5th, 2016

In 2007, I received my Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Certification (OMPT) from Oakland University. The OMPT certification allows me to treat the spine more effectively using high velocity mobilization/manipulation. I have extensive experience of rehabilitation of both post-surgical and non-surgical extremity injuries.

Sheri Altenburg DPT PT HealthQuest Physical Therapy Clarkston

Sheri Altenburg

August 4th, 2016

Another area of physical therapy I love is working with future physical therapists. I love being a mentor or a clinical instructor for the students. I am currently a guest proctor at Wayne State University for their physical therapy program. I was an item writer for the National Physical Therapy Examination in 2015.

Derek Brady DPT PT HealthQuest Physical Therapy Clarkston

Derek Brady

December 28th, 2018

 Education: 2015 Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences with a Minor in Exercise Science from Oakland University 2018 Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Oakland University Advanced Training/Certifications: Bloodflow Restriction Training (BFR)Dry Needling Areas of Interest: General Orthopedics Pre/Post-Surgical Care Geriatric Manual Therapy on the spine and extremities Lumbar Stabilization Sports Specific Rehabilitation Strength and Conditioning

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Jacob Brokenshaw DPT PT HealthQuest Physical Therapy Clarkston

Jacob Brokenshaw

September 19th, 2018

 Education/Certifications:2015 Bachelors of Science in Biology from Grand Valley State University2018 Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of Michigan-Flint Areas of Interest/Passions:General OrthopedicsGeriatricsPre/Post-Surgical CareSpine and Extremity Care Memberships/Licensures:APTA memberLicensed PT in State of Michigan Biography:My passion for PT began while I was a student at Clarkston High School when I was given the opportunity to

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daniel george DPT PT HealthQuest Physical Therapy Clarkston

Daniel Gregory

September 18th, 2019

 Education: 2015, Bachelor of Science, University of Michigan-Flint2019, Doctorate of Physical Therapy, University of Michigan-Flint Advanced Training/Certifications:Complete Rehabilitation for the Throwing Athlete Areas of Interest: General Orthopedics Pre/Post-Surgical CareSports RehabilitationInjury PreventionStrength Training and Powerlifting Memberships/Licensures:APTA memberLicensed PT State of Michigan Biography: My path into this profession began during an initial encounter with George Carson, co-director

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Jamie Pierce PT HealthQuest Physical Therapy Clarkston

Jamie Pierce

August 5th, 2016

Education/Certifications:2003 Bachelor of Science – University of Michigan2006 Doctor of Physical Therapy- Oakland University Areas of Interest/Specialties:General OrthopedicsWomen’s HealthPost Surgical CareSpine and Extremity CareSports related injuriesRunning injuries Memberships/Licensure:Member of APTALicensed PT State of Michigan Biography:I have always had a strong passion for sports and science and knew that I wanted to pursue a career in

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