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  • When I came to therapy I had almost no flexibility in my neck and upper back. I now feel great! I can now sleep through the night without pain, hoist dishes into the upper cupboards and even do a bit of raking in the yard! I know that my lupus may have me back in here from time to time, but I know that I will get better, thanks to HealthQuest and its staff. Truth be told I was dreading it, but you made it a pleasant experience.

    Virginia G., Oxford MI

  • I am being treated for lower back and hip pain due to pregnancy. I have made huge improvements and have learned exercises to help strengthen my abdominal muscles. My hip pain is gone and my abs are stronger, relieving my back pain. I would recommend physical therapy to anyone in pain and anyone who wishes or needs to exercise safely during pregnancy.

    Margaret K., Rochester MI

  • The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly.  I came in with a sling and left with a Smile!

    Kim C , Clinton Twp, MI

  • After visiting several medical facilities over the past 32 years to manage my juvenile diabetes and  to receive a kidney transplant (“the gift of life”) I feel it is important to express my gratitude to the entire staff and complete satisfaction! They have been the most friendly, accommodating, compassionate, fun and most of all…. Excellent at their craft!   I can not say enough about each and every individual at HealthQuest. This place has made me feel better physically as well as emotionally and that is priceless to those of us who struggle with health and physical maladies

    Patrice R. Macomb MI

  • I can not believe that falling asleep on the couch could have left me is such pain! After being awakened by the pain every night after it was time to do something about it. After 4 weeks of therapy I am sleeping through the night and the pain that was stopping me dead in my tracks is completely gone!

    Denise H., Romeo MI

  • I came in having to use a walker to stand and ankle and knee braces for support. I also used a shower chair in the bathroom. I am leaving therapy free of the braces and I have put away the walker!  I can also take a shower standing up. Can’t ask for better results than that!

    Nancy M., Clinton Twp MI

  • I had completed 12 visits at a different physical therapy facility, yet was unable to resume running without my foot dropping and losing feeling. My therapist researched possible reasons for this and came up with a diagnosis as well as a treatment. She performed Graston procedure on the area and after several weeks I was running without issues. I am thankful for her commitment to research and my return to running!

    Sharon L., Romeo MI

  • After an ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair I wondered if getting back to normal activity was even possible.  I began physical therapy immediately and saw results very quickly. After only 8 weeks I feel great and am able to get back to my normal activities. I am excited about continuing with the Performance Program. Thank you for everything!

    Dawn Neely, Oxford MI

  • When I came to HealthQuest I was 14 weeks pregnant and having quite a bit of lower back pain and having difficulty walking as well as performing daily activities. After just 6 weeks I feel 100% better!  I am getting around without any problems or pain and have the group at HealthQuest to thank!

    Krista V., Macomb  MI

  • I had knee surgery and the doctors office had a physical therapy facility, but it was too far from my home, so I chose HealthQuest, which became my second home.  From the moment I walked in I felt welcomed and at ease.  I am completely satisfied with my therapy, progression and program. I want to thank everyone for getting me back on my feet!

    Jeffy T., Shelby Twp MI

  • When I first came to HealthQuest my sciatic nerve was pinched and the pain was unbearable. I was able to get some relief from pain medication, but I didn’t want to rely on medication. Within 4-5 weeks of therapy my sciatic pain all but disappeared. I was also given an exercise program to work on at home, but will stay in touch with my family at HealthQuest, THANKS!

    Margaret C., Mt. Clemens MI

  • When I started at HealthQuest I had severe back pain that was debilitating.  I was originally told that I more than likely required  surgery, but agreed to try therapy first to see if it could help. Seven weeks later my pain levels have almost completely diminished and I have avoided surgery and have my life back!  Thank you HealthQuest for your dedication, commitment and expertise.

    Bill R., Oxford MI

  • I have had 8 visits for an ankle/foot problem that I was told was chronic. I am a nurse in an emergency room and had not been able to work 3 shifts in a row because of my foot pain. After seeing my orthopedic surgeon he sent me to HealthQuest, even though I didn’t think I needed it. I am getting positive results and am so glad I went!

    Pam B., Romeo MI

  • When I came to HealthQuest I couldn’t squeeze shampoo from a bottle, had no strength in my hand and it would go numb and cold. I also had constant pain in my neck. After working with the PT’s and staff I regained my strength and feeling in my hand and fingers and am pain free!  They also gave me the tools to help myself at home and tips on how to manage in the workplace.

    Katie B., Rochester Hills MI