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  • Before HQPT I had constant lower back pain every day. Motrin 800 would barely touch it. I always knew I had scoliosis but, I never knew simple exercises would take my pain away. Every visit was extremely helpful and educational. Never pushed me too far but always just enough. If my pain ever comes back or I ever have other issues, I will come back to Richmond HQPT. Thank you!


  • Before I started therapy I needed a walker. I could not go up steps and had general muscle weakness. After four weeks of therapy I can walk without pain. I am VERY SATISFIED with the progress I have made. Sarah was an excellent physical therapist and did a great job!

    Gilbert B., Rochester Hills MI

  • I came in with a lot of pain in my right shoulder that was affecting my job and quality of life. After physical therapy three times a week with Sheri for four weeks I feel great. I play golf with no pain now and can have a pain free work day. Thanks HealthQuest, Especially Sherri.

    Mike L., Clarkston MI

  • Over my time here at HQ of Clarkston, I’ve gained back my physical confidence. From having no feeling in most of my leg and no ability to stand, I am back running, jumping, and doing what makes me happy. It has been a major struggle, but I am so thankful for the amazing people here at HealthQuest that not only care about my progress, but my well-being, and mental strength as well. I will always feel at home here. what a terrific place to be!

    Noah N., Clarkston MI

  • When I first came in for physical therapy, I was unable to do squats, stairs or even walk long distances without pain. Throughout the process I could feel my legs and knees strengthen. Leaving today, I can feel the difference that has been made over the last two months. I feel like I’m at 100%. I can walk, squat and do stairs as far and as long as i want with little to no pain at all.

    Mackenzie H., Clarkston MI

  • Starting physical therapy I could barely walk, sit or stand. I was surprised after the first treatment I felt instant relief. After going through a weekly regiment I continued to gain strength and felt improvement. Towards the end of treatment they helped prepare me for leaving by teaching me exercises for a lifetime of healthy injury free living.

    Ken R., West Bloomfield MI

  • When I first came to in I was very leary of if physical therapy was a waste of time. This is my third session and I have to say I feel 100 percent better. I truly enjoyed my visits here and I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone looking for caring people who will work with you

    Nancy H., Clarkston MI

  • I suffered huge amounts of pain  from a pinched nerve in my back. I went to see a doctor and they referred me here. I loved all the staff! They were so kind and helpful. Thank you for helping me go back to doing the sport I love. I can swim pain free again!

    Riley S., Lake Orion, MI

  • Four months ago I came to HealthQuest discouraged about the high level of pain in my hip, (8 out of 10 most days), plus my mobility and strength were getting worse and worse. After working with Kristen and her team I have regained the strength in my hip and overall mobility. I can enjoy my day to day life and take part in volunteer and church activities that mean a lot to me. What a great team! Thanks to all of you for your help and encouragement.

    Brenda Y., Rochester Hills MI

  • After surgery I thought I would not be able to even my arm for a year. After my 18 visits I feel like I can do anything. My therapist was very attentive and took care of all my needs and questions. I would recommend HealthQuest to anyone who has pain. It works!

    Veronica L., Clinton Twp MI

  • I came to HealthQuest because I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus. I started therapy before surgery which helped in my recovery after. Physical therapy has made my mobility improve. I wasn’t able to walk far or go up and down stairs very well. Now I can go back to my walking routine with very little pain at all!

    Mary G., Chesterfield MI

  • I never thought my shoulder would get better, I’ve been dealing with it for almost a year. After coming here I finally found hope to go back to playing sports again. Today was my last day and my shoulder hasn’t felt better. Thanks to everyone at HealthQuest!

    Kady B., Clinton Twp MI

  • I went from choosing not to play specific sports due to my knee pain– to playing basketball and soccer in recreational leagues again. The building was always clean and the staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. If I need physical therapy in the future, I will definitely come back.

    Nicholas C., Clawson MI

  • At the beginning of my therapy it was very hard for me to run a mile without having shooting pain go throughout my leg. After my therapy I feel so much better and am so surprised how far I’ve come. I am so happy I am able to run without pain and am very grateful!

    Alyson T., Lake Orion MI

  • HealthQuest was an enjoyable experience, the exercises I had to perform were very beneficial. Overtime the effects of my injury have become less and less noticeable. All of the people who work at this fine establishment are so friendly and inviting, it is a pleasure to come here for each and every visit. I highly recommend this place to anyone who has an injury.

    Jacob C., Clinton Twp MI