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Why Choose HealthQuest

You have options when it comes to choosing where to go for therapy! 

  1. Reliability – Proven expertise, dedication to quality, and licensed therapists with high-level care will be there for you each and every visit.  In fact, you WILL see a therapist every visit between 20-30 minutes.
  2. Expertise and Individualized Care – Your treatment plan is designed around you.
  3. Responsive Customer Care –   Our front office team is like nowhere else!  They will take care of your prompt scheduling, insurance verification and answer any questions. We will review your benefits with you so there are no surprises during your treatment.  We also accept most insurance policies.  You know what
  4. Faster Results – Consistent, high-quality physical therapy that quickly gets you back to work, play and life.
  5. Convenience –We have many locations throughout Oakland County, Macomb County and Lapeer CountySt. Clair County in Southeast Michigan. We are located close to work and home, making it easier to keep appointments and quickly get out of pain.  Also, we offer extended weekday and Saturday hours to accommodate your busy life!
  6. Three Phase Program -our three-phase approach is unique and will ensure you get the results you want and continue (or start) to live an active lifestyle.
    • Phase One: Your therapist will perform a thorough evaluation from head to toe to determine your specific course of treatment, which takes into account your individualized case and goals.  This phase focuses on reducing your pain, bottom-line. The goal is to fully understand the elements that are contributing to your condition. We will address your strength, movement patterns, alignment, and imbalances to quickly minimize your pain.
    • Phase Two: We continue on managing the pain, but the focus now is on improving and educating to correct the issue/condition. Things such as movement habits, improving alignment and muscular control are common items learned in this phase. Through exercise, stretching, and advanced manual techniques, we will work with you to achieve your goals. During this phase, you will see a significant improvement in your overall ability.
    • Phase Three: This final stage is geared more towards ensuring your symptoms don’t return. After coordination, strength, and flexibility are restored, you will be able to return to your everyday activities, pain-free. We will also provide you with a home exercise program for you to continue your improvement and ensure your symptoms do not return.