Amputee Physical Therapy

February 10th, 2019

In the United States, nearly two million people are living with limb loss, with over 185,000 amputations occurring each year. For those who have lost a limb, rehabilitation includes combined efforts of many people! We would be honored to be on your team as your outpatient physical therapist!

Physical therapy after limb loss can be challenging both mentally and physically. Whether your limb loss is recent and you’re transitioning from an inpatient program or you just need additional support, outpatient physical therapy can be an important part in maximizing both your independence and quality of life. Outpatient physical therapy can give you the boost needed to reach your full potential by:

  • Continuing the progress made in inpatient rehabilitation, or with home care therapists
  • Increasing strength, range of motion, endurance and balancing
  • Manage and prevent common physical conditions such as contractures, low back pain, phantom limb pain and joint pain
  • Improve your ability, comfort and results by coordinating care with your therapists, doctors and prosthetist
  • Assisting in identifying community resources

Outpatient physical therapy is an opportunity to address your current needs, and what needs to be in place in order to reach that goal. Together with your physical therapist, an individualized treatment plan will be created that consists of patient-care resources, exercises and education specific to your necessities. Common areas of focus include:

  • Building strength in areas to help achieve desired goals
  •  Stretching techniques that can improve motion and walking ability
  •  Self-care techniques to help alleviate pain associated with limb and phantom pain.
  •  Endurance training to strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • Balance training to help prevent falls and to improve confidence
  • Works closely with your prosthetist in transition and training in the use of the prosthesis
  • Individualized exercise and drills prescribed by your therapist to reach your full potential

It is likely that your insurance will have limitations on the number of therapy sessions allowed. When we know this in advance, we can make a plan to utilize the most efficient sequence of scheduling to ensure your goals are met.

Physical Therapy for the Long Run

Physical therapy is not just for new amputees or new prosthetic users. For optimum mobility, you should be evaluated by your physical therapist every year throughout your life. We can pinpoint problems that if left untreated, will result in back problems or pain in other areas of the body. Many people have a little bit of therapy and then decide they could do fine on their own, but it’s still a great idea to have your yearly check-up to prevent anything.  The key is to ensure your quality of life is maintained and you can still do what you want after surgery, we can help! Call (855) 477-8463 or schedule a free assessment!


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