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Statement Explanations

Neuromuscular Re-Education:

Neuromuscular re-education is a technique used by physical therapists to facilitate the return of normal movement, muscle memory, and coordination.

Some examples of neuromuscular re-education are;

  • Balancing exercises and activities
  • Strengthening exercises using manual resistance
  • Stabilizing exercises to balance the muscles around the joints

Therapeutic Exercise:

Therapeutic exercises are activities and exercises that are designed to target specific muscles or muscle groups. Some examples of therapeutic exercises focused on strengthening muscles are:

  • The use of dumbbells and hand weights
  • The use of Therabands
  • The use of one’s own body weight as resistance

Some of these exercises also focus on more specific and equally necessary goals, such as passive range of motion. Some examples of therapeutic exercises that focus on passive range of motion activities are:

  • Table slides
  • Incorporating pulleys or the use of a cane
  • Heel slides
  • Cardio activities; such as biking, rowing, treadmill regimen and incorporating an elliptical machine

Manual Therapy:

Manual therapy involves your physical therapist working on you with his or her hands. Some examples of manual therapy are:

  • The stretching of joints and/or muscles
  • Specific massage techniques
  • The use of Graston tools
  • Trigger point release techniques
  • Performing traction, with or without a belt

Coinsurance is the percentage of your cost sharing with your insurance’s allowed amount for a procedure.

i.e. If your medical insurance allows $100 for a day of treatment at HealthQuest, and you have a 20% coinsurance, you are responsible for 20%, or $20 of the allowed amount; your insurance company will pay the remaining $80.

Copays are also a form of patient cost sharing, but are distributed at a flat, established rate.

i.e. If your medical insurance allows $100 for a day of treatment at HealthQuest, and you have a $25 copay, then you are responsible for $25, and your insurance will pay the remaining $75.

If you have further questions regarding your statement, or any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact the Billing Department at (248) 601-9207 and a representative will be happy to assist you.

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