History & Mission


The founders of HealthQuest, Bill Knight and Stuart Siegner, practiced together professionally for over eight years when they realized they shared a common vision – to one day open a physical therapy facility:

  • Where the patients’ total satisfaction is first and foremost in the minds of the entire staff
  • Where patients are provided with the assistance, tools, and knowledge to proactively participate in their rehabilitation
  • Recognized by physicians, referral sources, and the community as the premier provider of musculoskeletal rehabilitative services in the area
  • Where open communication, personal and professional growth, a sense of pride, and belief in self are encouraged and rewarded
  • Where the entire staff is dedicated to optimizing the overall health and function of its consumers by providing unparalleled service
  • In which innovative, comprehensive treatment, exercise, and nutritional programs are specifically designed to educate and empower its clientele

After a great deal of hard work, determination and planning, Bill and Stuart put their vision into action. In April 1999, the first HealthQuest Physical Therapy opened its doors in Rochester Hills, Michigan. As a result of their combined professional experience, education, tireless efforts, and the love and support of their family, friends, and dedicated staff, they were able to not only meet their original goals, but to far surpass them.

As physical therapists and owners, they quickly realized they were able to provide the unprecedented quality of care they had envisioned. Because this level of care is tough to come by, Bill and Stuart were encouraged by patients, family, friends, associates, and physicians to open facilities “closer to where we are.” They recognized their limitations in terms of the number of people they could help in only one facility. However, they would not open any other clinics unless that level of quality was adhered to.

Through much discussion, formulating, and brainstorming, Bill and Stuart developed a strategy. They would open other facilities owned and managed only by physical therapists who demonstrated superior clinical skills, strong mental fortitude, and a deep passion to help others. Each facility must maintain the same unprecedented level of care, in strict adherence to policies and procedures designed to ensure an optimal experience for all those served.

Their subsequent plan has culminated into a successful group of several privately owned and operated locations by physical therapists. Bill and Stuart feel blessed and grateful to their staff and to the communities they serve for the continued opportunities and support. Their vision was to open a clinic and to provide a quality of care patients were entitled to, a level that would exceed that of any other facility. Not only were they able to accomplish that, but they are pleased to do so for far more people than they ever anticipated.


Our mission is to optimize the functional status and lifestyles of the members within the communities served by all of the HealthQuest Physical Therapy facilities. We will accomplish this by providing unprecedented quality of rehabilitative care, as well as offering the highest level of consumer services in a consistent, cost-effective manner. In addition, we will promote proactive health care through education and community interaction.


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