Golf Warm-up

May 22nd, 2020
Golf Warm-up

Golf Warm-Up: 5 exercises to help you get back to the swing of things

We all know that it’s important to properly warm-up prior to exercise or activity, but so many people don’t before they golf. Which is probably why we see a lot of golf injuries, specifically lower backs. The golf swing is very complex and injuries can occur when muscles are tight and you force them to do something they aren’t prepared to do.

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Watch Heather Asti and Dan Garr as they discuss some common golf injuries and provide you with a warm-up you should do prior (and after) EVERY round!

You can read more about stretching here. Remember: If you fail to warm up properly you are setting yourself up for injury. Use the mentality of a professional: make and take the time to warm up for peak performance and better scores.

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