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Ian Albert, PTA

2019, Physical Therapy Assistant, Baker College

Areas of Interest:
Sports Injuries
Foundation Training
Goal-specific rehab

Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant, State of Michigan
American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
Licenced Massage Therapist

I was interested in physical therapy when I had personal injuries and had to find ways to help with recovery. I was informed about the benefits of massage through a coworker and was curious to see what it was about. Once established in the massage community for over 11 years, I felt limited to what I could do and needed to know more on how I could help myself as well as others. A massage coworker informed me that PTA was a great transition from massage to greater therapeutic options. I feel that PTA has given me the ability to look at the whole picture and with my massage background; I have an even better understanding of how things are all connected. As a father of 3, I am always looking for ideas to keep them occupied and entertained. I feel the same in some aspects with each patient I treat.  I am committed to helping patients reach their goal and give them the education to continue to become just as, if not more, healthy as they once were.

I enjoy team sports, bike riding, strength training, and creating activities for my kids. I am always open to learn new techniques, modalities, and special training to help further my credentials.


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