Ways to Avoid Back Surgery- Physical Therapy is One of Them

June 20th, 2018
HealthQuest Physical Therapy

Nobody wants to have to have an operation done, especially if the operation involves an intricate part of the skeletal system, like your spine. Although, in some cases surgery is the way to go, it is smart to illuminate alternative measures first. That being said, if you have been told to consider spine surgery, read these three tips first.

Avoiding Back Surgery

  1. Physical Therapy: Physical therapy promotes muscle development just like exercise does, but physical therapy is different because it specifically targets the problem area(s) of your body. Physical therapy is great for conditions like bulging discs or sciatic pain. Physical therapy works to relieve pressure and compression in the area.
  2. Exercise: It is often thought that resting and restricting your activity are the best ways to take care of any back pain. This common thought should not be your go to. Exercise gets the blood pumping, helping to deliver oxygenated blood to the any and all pain areas.
  3. Diet/Weight Loss: The health of your spine and your eating patterns are directly related. Junk food, and any foods high in sugar or fat, can contribute to the beginning of inflammation in your spine, which then can lead to much pain. A healthy weight can ensure that you are not over-stressing your spine.

Other Ways to Avoid Back Surgery

·Injections· injections can be helpful when it comes to reducing pain from an irritated nerve. Determine exactly whats causing your pain before you decide to give injections a try. Injections wont allow for permanent relief ,but corticosteroid injections do provide short-term and some long-term relief depending on the root of where your pain is coming from.

·Spinal Manipulation· Your back pain may be the result of an alignment issue. A chiropractor or spinal manipulation may help to realign your spine and avoid an unwanted surgery. Spinal manipulation will not help if you have a spinal fracture, but if your case is a pinched nerve then steady manipulation with a professional will.

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