Ice Is the Enemy, but You Can Fight Back- Penguins Pave the Way

February 1st, 2019

Walking on ice can be difficult, but who knew there was a full proof way to do so without injury. A fall from slipping on ice could change your life. Luckily, we can prevent these falls from happening. If a fall still occurs, there is a proper way to fall to prevent injury.

Slips and falls are serious matters. Falls are second behind traffic accidents as the top causes of accidental deaths in the United States.

Use these tips to stay safe on the ice:

Keep in Mind

  • Be mindful of sidewalks and parking lots. A sidewalk or parking can be entirely plowed, but still have a thin layer of ice that isn’t easily seen by a naked eye. Always move cautiously around any wet-looking surface. If a sidewalk is looking icy, head towards a grassy area, if possible, for some traction underneath your feet.
  • Keep those hands empty. If you begin to fall, your initial instinct will be to use your hands to lessen the impact of your fall- you’ll want your hands ready. A pair of gloves can keep you from tucking your hands in your pockets while keeping your hands nice and warm.
  • Get them off quick. Once inside, be sure to take off your footwear to prevent a slippery floor. Be sure to look out for any wet spots previously created to prevent a slip.

Walk Like Our Animal Friend- The Penguin

  • Always keep your weight forward. Not only should you keep your weight forward, but you should also keep your weight on your front foot.
  • Keep your arms by out and by your sides. Doing this will benefit you by keeping you balanced.
  • Wear proper footwear. The better the traction, the less likely you are to have an accident on the ice.
  • Walk flat-footed. Be sure to take small, shuffling steps and align your feet after each step taken.
  • Bend those knees. Always keep a slight bend in your knees.

About to fall? Luckily you can fall just like a professional. If you feel yourself about to hit the ground lean forward quickly to prevent the back of your head from impacting the solid ground. If at all possible, attempt to fall on your thigh or hip while using your hands to brace yourself. Landing on your arms, knees, wrists or any other easily broken part can be dangerous. Had a fall? Looking for some guidance? Want an individualized plan for you? Call us today and schedule your FREE Pain Assessment. We’ll teach you the best ways to prevent yourself from injury.


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