Reach for Full Range!

September 1st, 2017

Think about how much you reach in a day, whether it’s getting a cup out of the cupboard or the keyboard in front of you at your desk, you probably reach for something at least 20 times a day and you may not even know your reach is limited!  Even if you are not experiencing pain, you may have some restrictions that can cause problems like shoulder and neck injuries.  Reaching is a big part of daily activities and if you are suffering from neck or shoulder pain this can become a big problem.

If you lift your hand up right now, how far can you go?  Often, this will show your functional limit for reaching.  Do you use your shoulder after a certain level, maybe you even start arching your back after your past eye-level?  These are all red flags and a quick round of physical therapy will not only help you reach in your daily life, but also keep your shoulders, thoracic spine and neck healthy.

Rotator cuff tears and cervical instability are very common problems that can begin with lack of flexibility of the upper back, neck and shoulders.  If you are looking up to reach into a cabinet for some household item on a regular basis and you are close to the limit of your flexibility, you are potentially causing micro trauma to you tissues that over time will create a big problem.  These signs of immobility can be diagnosed by a quick PT screen and some simple stretches can prevent serious injuries.  Reach out to see one of our physical therapists for a screen to help you on your way to a better life without injuries and restrictions!

There are some simple exercises and stretches you can do to increase your reaching range.  Pulleys and wall crawls are simple ones but if you come in for a free assessment, we’d be glad to personalize and customize a program for you.




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