Shoulder Mobility

March 12th, 2021
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Loss of overhead shoulder mobility can be subtle.  Often, a subtle loss of motion occurs slowly over time from our daily routines and habits.  Sitting at a desk or on a device for most of your day can result in changes in posture and loss of shoulder mobility.  Over time, the small changes in your shoulder mobility begin to accumulate.  Before you know it, your shoulder begins to feel a little tight.   You experience pain when reaching overhead.   Things snowball from there. It’s imperative to your overall health that you address poor shoulder mobility and HealthQuest Physical Therapy can help!

Take these simple Shoulder mobility tests!

Pass or fail?

As noted by Alex Maes, PT, DPT, if you lost contact with the wall in the three spots in either test, your mobility is lacking. So what do you do from there? Schedule a free assessment, let’s see what’s going on! If you passed, we encourage you to keep up the good work with a daily routine. By ensuring you have good shoulder mobility, it will:

  • increase your range of motion
  • reduce tension
  • improve flexibility
  • prevent injury

Shoulder mobility routine

Performing shoulder-specific exercises, like the ones outlined below, can help build strength and mobility in your shoulder muscles and joints. These exercises may also help prevent tightness and subsequent injury. Keep in mind that these exercises are general and do not have your medical history or previous injuries included. Please consult with a medical professional to ensure this is the best idea for you or take advantage of our FREE assessment! We would be glad to help create the best plan for you!

Your program in the palm of your hand

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We can help

Whether you’re a gym enthusiast or just trying to improve the health, strength, and mobility of your shoulders, shoulder mobility is important.

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