The Benefits of Stretching-Just Do It

July 19th, 2018

·Improved Flexibility and Posture·

Enhancing both your posture and your flexibility through stretching your muscles and joints are key to avoiding many conditions resulting in pain.

Range of motion is greatly improved when stretching regularly. By stretching, you can correct any joint stiffness you currently have as you’re extending your limbs as far as they are able to, but you can also reduce the risk of a future, motion-limiting injury.

Concerning your muscle groups, stretching keeps the muscles supporting your spine lengthened and in the absolute perfect position. This proper alignment is imperative. It improves posture, and typically reduces any incidences of back and neck pain.

·Increased Circulation·

The act of lengthening and loosening your muscles through stretching means that you’re opening up your muscles interior blood vessels. This increased circulation is important for heart health and lowered cholesterol. It’s also a positive for the muscles themselves, because improved blood flow results in faster recovery times, and less soreness after a workout or any activity.

Longer term, improving your circulation is a great mood enhancer. It can also boost your energy. The physiological impact of increased circulation means that your bloodstream is carrying more oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. High levels of oxygen and nutrients result in more energy.

·Reduced Tension·

The most commonly known benefit of a decrease in muscular tensing by stretching is that your levels discomfort and pain will be lessened. That alone is a good reason to increase the ammount of stretching into your life. remember that relaxing those contracted muscles will quickly make you feel physically better.

There’s an emotional component to getting “knots” out of your muscles. You’ll literally feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, which will directly lift your mood. You will finally be able to relax and smile with that pain and discomfort gone. Relaxed muscles allow your endorphins to flow, which gets rid of any and all pessimistic feelings. 

If any of these health issues sound familiar to you, please call or schedule a free assessment with HealthQuest Physical Therapy today. We’ll work together to put together the stretching routine that’s best for you!


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