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Category Archives: Aches and Pains

20 Sep, 2018

Feeling Stiff and Achy? Physical Therapy Can Help!

Everyone wakes up feeling some pain in their joints or muscles from time to time. But if you find yourself consistently waking up stiff and achy, it might be time for pain-relief work with a physical therapist. Aching or stiff joints may be a minor problem that is easily remedied; in other cases, your doctor

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15 Aug, 2018

Stretches for the Piriformis Muscle and How Physical Therapy Can Help

HealthQuest Physical Therapy Piriformis Stretches

Almost every treatment approach for piriformis syndrome will include a focus on carefully stretching the piriformis muscle and gaining flexibility over time. Stretches for Piriformis Syndrome Piriformis stretches There are a multiple ways to stretch the piriformis muscle. Two of the easiest ways include: Lie on your back with both feet flat on the floor

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3 Oct, 2017

Physical Therapy: Treating the Cause, Not Just the Symptoms of Pain

Medical professionals are programmed to treat the immediate issue, not necessarily the root of what’s causing the issue.  This is great that the immediate problem is resolved, but not great for long term.  It is like taking the batteries out of a smoke detector instead of trying to find the fire.  As Physical Therapists, we do

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6 Sep, 2017

Tips for Relieving Neck Pain

Do you find yourself with a nagging neck or headache, especially after a long day or stressful event? The American Academy of Pain Medicine reports that neck pain and severe headaches or migraines make up about 30% of all commonly reported pain conditions. There are many reasons for neck pain, but the majority of episodes

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18 Aug, 2017

Posture up for Prevention!

Technology has developed incredible ways to make things quick, convenient, and comfortable.  Comfort at home, comfort in the car, and comfort at work.  Most of which involves sitting.  Sitting is one of the biggest factors that creates postural problems.  When you think about the things we work on, they are pretty much right in front

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12 May, 2017

Increasing Core Strength to Relieve Pain

Plank position

Core strength has become a popular topic because it affects the function of the entire body. A strong core means better stability, fewer injuries and less physical stress. Weak core muscles can lead to chronic back and neck pain. Signs of weak core muscles include slumping in your chair, poor posture at your desk or

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28 Mar, 2017

How To Relieve Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Do you have aching shoulders? Do you know that the problem could be a result of rotator cuff damage? That’s right, your shoulder pain that comes along with certain motions or that you notice during sleep could be a result of rotator cuff issues. Or maybe your son/daughter is getting ready for softball/baseball and they

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15 Feb, 2017

Neck Pain and Headaches from Stress

stress headaches

  Stress is nothing more than our reaction to a provocation that upsets our physical and/or mental equilibrium. Accordingly, stress is a ubiquitous part of everyday life. Nevertheless, when we are faced with stress, our “fight or flight” response can be triggered; this causes the production of hormones including adrenaline and cortisol to increase and

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10 Jan, 2017

Where Is Your Pain Coming From?


No matter what your age is, aches and pains can take the joy out of life’s activities. Whether it’s sore knees after work, or a stiff back while getting out of bed, determining the true cause of the pain can seem frustrating if not impossible. Since pain is the body’s response to a wide variety

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27 Dec, 2016

How to stop suffering from Arthritis Pain

stop suffering from arthritis pain

Arthritis is characterized by progressive wearing away of the cartilage in a joint. This wear and tear over time leads to bone spurs, poor tissue strength, inflammation, pain, weakness of surrounding muscles and poor joint movement. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. In fact, over 65 million people in the US have osteoarthritis to some degree.

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